Sunday, August 28, 2016

the NFL douches

We, the douches here at the NFL, we have announced that our players do not have to stand for the National Anthem if they don't want to. You see, we here at the NFL, we only interfere with players' behavior when it occurs off the field and not within the NFL's terrain. Such as in a player's kitchen. If an NFL player does something untoward in his own house the NFL will take immediate action to punish that individual and if possible his entire family and if things go really right we will ruin his life altogether, preferably with jail time on felony charges.


should this same player while, not in his kitchen, but on the playing field, fail to stand at the National Anthem of his Country in the arena where he is employed by the NFL and where he likely takes down hundreds of thousands of dollars a year if not millions of them for playing a game from Sept to Jan, and if by refusing to respect the land he is allegedly sworn to defend by scorning the melody that represents that land and the people who died so that he could make millions playing a childish game....well, then the NFL regrets to inform you that we would not deign to interfere in this fellow's desire to make a spectacle of and be an embarrassment to the NFL and the Nation he so clearly detests. No, the NFL, until such time as he acts-up in his own kitchen...... so long as he is on an NFL field of play, he is deserving of his personal opinions and the respect of all who he is offending and insulting. We, the NFL, realize that when he is at home he is only offending maybe one, maybe two people by his private personal actions, but we, the NFL would take brisk and immediate countermeasures regardless. Even though only maybe two people are involved and in a location far removed from NFL property and worldwide tv cameras and thousands and thousands of others all over the globe. We nevertheless will intrude and vigorously to punish his behavior in his own house because it is an outrage!!! However as far as making an embarrassment of the NFL on the playing field by expressing what amounts to a borderline treasonous act against his Country?......we here at the NFL - douchebags all - bow down before him and honor his dignity and courage in expressing his hatred and disgust and lack of appreciation to his Country and for acting like a stupid fucking asshole in front of the NFL and all the rest of us. For this, we have nothing but respect and courtesy. Thank you______Sincerely, all the douchebag worthless classless fuckheads at the NFL.


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At February 12, 2017 at 8:43 AM , Blogger Mahatmaganja said...

Every day's "Midsummer's Eve" @ the NFL corporate office; everyone's middle name is Massengill...


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