Sunday, August 7, 2016

socialism and nations

you cant have a country and have it not be socialist. socialism is - to use the word of the day - unsustainable. so countries cannot actually work. but everyone seems to think you just gotta have 'em. and the reason for that is because everyone is basically a tribal entity, living for the group and not for themselves. countries are just really large tribes with international seating at the UN. tribes only last until the last of the loot from the looted other tribes is gone. then the remaining tribe loots itself. because tribes have no PRODUCT. tribes dont really DO anything. just like congressmen and presidents and senators and mayors and assemblymen and counselmen. and cops. none of these people produce anything. they leech. once the host is dead the leech dies. welcome to human civilization.
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Jj Solari capitalism - the opposite of countries - can be sustained for eternity. that's its nature. thats why countries refuse to allow capitalism to flourish. because capitalism does away with countries. they dont teach you this in school. because school is created by senators and congressmen etc. and they want to remain in existence. so school teaches socialism. not capitalism. but i teach capitalism. because i'm an individual. sworn to fun and loyal to none. so, hey, fuck you. and thank you!


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