Saturday, August 13, 2016

The August 11th Facebook Jailing

One of the positives of being in facebook jail again at this time is that i can devote a steady month to keeping donald trump on the path to victory. i like to think that i am the only thing making the difference between whether he wins or loses the white house. i fight the fight like i'm the only one in it. The reason this blog exists at all is because the muslim won the election in november of some dark year i dont remember the number of. The next day this blog began. It took a while for the negro muslim to take office and in that period i warmed up my pen in the fires of comedy and sarcasm which is now called hatred by journalists and bureaucrats and socialists and homosexuals and muslims and a few mexicans and a LOT of white people who do not identify with white people but with some lesser species, such as the american indian, probably the sorryest herd of lost wildebeest there is. or are.
     So, once trump wins the present election i would suspect all the energy for this blog will have vanished into vapor. So thanks, facebook, for allowing me to wrap up this blog with a really nice bang.


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