Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Gary Dumbsome, Libertarian Candidate

   Gary Johnson, the man who looks like Jerry Sandusky, and who is the hahaha Libertarian candidate for  President, says that Trump is a "fascist." Libertarians pride themselves on their "intellectualism." They are above the common fray, you see, because they are thinkers. They are not constrained by religion or ideology or tracts, they are mentalities set free to roam and wander the stars and the vast secrets of the universe, there to feast and to grown and become wise. One of the secrets of the universe is where the dictionaries are hidden because Johnson does not know the definition of fascist.

    Gary also has a problem with seeing differences: one of the signs of insanity. He equates Trump's philosophical desire to have only legal citizens living within the Country's borders with Hitler's actual focused efforts to exterminate Judaites. He sees these two things - the opinion of an individual: and the extermination of millions of them - as the same thing. He's insane, in other words. If that isn't enough to convince you he's insane, he looks like he never bathes. His skin color is the color of unripened tobacco leaves. He looks like he reeks of dried Pakistani feces. I mean, he is - as far as I am concerned - asylum fodder on the loose. and not only on the loose, but having eyes on the Presidency. I mean, if Gary Johnson can become President just be accumulating X's on a the Presidency really a job we actually need to have? What kind of a job is that that you get it because  people yu never met and who themselves never held the job, decide you get to have the job. That's not a job. That's lunacy. Which only bolsters my point that Johnson is nuts: he's anxious to have a meaningless job. And he's willing to throw his dictionary away to do it.


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