Saturday, August 13, 2016

facebook jail

aug 11 - i have been kicked off facebook again, this time by "american" indians. naturally they are babies and cannot stand to be critiqued for being the losers of history. facebook, of course, owned by muslims, can identify with the indians because tribalist savages recognize each other as spiritual if not actual allies.
   the indians have a problem with a pipeline because being indians they do not understand the industrial "thing." they only understand bad music and bad choreography and really terrible war strategies. so a pipeline going through "their" land, well, being Natural Communists they have a big problem with this. but dont worry, being indians they will lose this war like they lose every war. because they are losers. which is why i was kicked off facebook. for saying "indians are losers." which they are. which, being a truth, gets you kicked off facebook. facebook only recognizes lies as proper forms of communication. when the facebook bubble bursts it will be a bigger bust than the dot-com whatever that even was. i just hope my history on facebook will not be lost as well because it is an awesomely fantastic collection of awesome fantasticness. believe me.


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