Sunday, August 14, 2016

Samuel L. Negro

Sammy Jackson is promising to move to South Africa, a formerly white country before they folded to  DC's insistence that they fold to DC's insistence to let swarms of negroes in to wreck the place. Which they did and are doing. Naturally Sammy wants to go to a place like that. He doesn't want to stay in a place where a man who is not afraid to say "fuck you" to anyone - that would be Donald Trump - Sammy doesn't want to be under that kind of control. You know, normal human civilized control. That's not for him. He wants to be free to wreck the place if the urge hits. And it eventually hits the Negro sooner or later. Negroes are not comfortable around civilization. It makes them nervous and afraid. Because they are rooted in a prehistoric culture where only dirt and shrubs and jumping up and down to affect the weather matters.


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