Friday, August 26, 2016

Types of Government

There is only one. There is only one type. There's only one type of government. It the kind that has people you never met and never had any dealings with and who you never even talked to order you around, take some or all of your stuff and sometimes take even you to 1: prison or 2: to a training ground where you learn to kill people who you will be sent to get within range of and perhaps kill them. They - having their own government - will be trying to kill you. none of you will know each other. None of these people will have done anything personally to the other before the mutual murder attempts.
     Now in COLLEGE you learn that there are many many many many types of government. And you are supposed to try and discover or decide and debate and root around and inquire and find out which variety is the BEST kind. But there's only one kind. The kind described above.
     Now, you are not going to believe this. You are going to believe, well, the college stuff. Because it's, ya know, college, and they are smart there. Cause it's college. So you'll believe the college version of what government is. Or I should say what governments are. You will believe the colleges. Not the Mouseketeer. However the Mouseketeer is the right one. Not the colleges.
     Ok, class dismissed. Thank you and fuck you.


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