Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Miley Cyrus

   Miley Cyrus did a stage number which consisted of mostly strutting like a swaggering nigger, singing like a swaggering nigger, and grabbing her crotch like a swaggering nigger. It's the talk of the land but so far, except for me, no one has said she was acting like a swaggering nigger. I mean, she didn't come up with these ideas on her own. They have been in the degenerating "American" "culture" since niggers were allowed in restaurants they didn't own, but were under Federal control thanks to the Constitution. Which everyone thinks is a Marvel of Progress. HAHAHAHAHAHA sorry. I always laugh when I say something positive about the Constitution.
   Getting back to Miley Cyrus, since television broadcasting is owned by the Federal government, thanks to the Constitution, I suppose there will be some droning Hank Johnson clone going on and on about the need to regulate something out of existence, and while it won't be television, because the Federal government needs television for ordering shrieking groups of panicked people around to tell them what to do "in this emergency," there will be some talk of "the need to set standards of decency." Well, getting rid of niggers might be a first step to take, then white people would be forced to develop a culture of their own rather than adopting the worthless, stone age culture of the Kings of the Prehistoric Pagans, which would be the global Negro Culture of Slumber, Rape, Murder, and theft. Oh, and cannibalism.


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