Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Homeland Security

   Bobblehead Bush came up with the name Homeland Security. Because he is a globalist and does not believe "American Security" would be fair to the other countries who do not like to contemplate an American Identity. No one on earth wants to contemplate an American Identity. Because the idea scares them. apparently it scares Americans too since they seem to be in a hurry to adopt anything that is the opposite of the American Identity, African Slum Culture being at the top of their list.
   Calling American security Homeland security makes things more amenable to arresting anyone; preferably loyal Americans. Bush's dad is not what you would call a United States Loyalist, since he went out of his way to adopt as many mexican children - probably to molest: these guys love adopting children, child molesters: it makes their crimes look wondrous and selfless and filled with holiness. It's a Masonic thing, you wouldn't understand.
   Calling it Homeland security rather than American security gives it that European dark-ages flair that American bureaucrats love to imitate since the founding of this country or whatever it is America is now: a multicultural melting pot of mud and filth and squalor with a Kenyan dust-eater and piss-drinker at the top of the shitpile and grinning like the idiot ape he is.


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