Tuesday, May 28, 2013

new facebook ban

the other day i got banned for 12 hours from facebook for saying the brits are fags. today i got banned for another 12 for apologizing for saying the brits are fags.

the british are not faggots. i said they were faggots and that got me banned from facebook for a day so therefore the british are not faggots. i hope this clears things up, facebook, and all the jews and muslims and kikes and niggers and chinks and spics and actual, geniuine, non-british faggots in any way connected with facebook and its judging policies. i repeat, the british are not faggots. the british are all heterosexual normal people. not unnatural freaks of nature and filled with demon lust for penis and ass like faggots are. i was wrong. you are right. faggotism is a stranger in england. for me to have said that all the males in england prefer mouthfulls of penis to mouthfulls of teacakes was wrong. the men in england prefer to have mouthfuls of vaginal joy juice slurped personally via their faces from between the legs of authenticated women. the brits are not fags, i repeat, they are normal cunt-fucking fuckers.


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