Monday, May 20, 2013


when hitler called killing the jews "the final solution" not one jew - or anyone else - ever said - then or since - "but why is a solution needed, we're not a problem." i guess the jews assume like everyone else does that they really are a problem. they never seem to offer a rebuttal or even get mad about it. in fact they dont get mad about anything except at the cash register. then oh my, look at mr jew, he's now the Emperor of the Universe making demands and giving orders. "Vat?? You ah chahjink me a dollah fah dah bay-gul? OI! I am suink you! I vill see you in court!! I am callink my loi-yah unless you give it to me free!" at the checkstand there's no stopping them. everywhere else?'s execution day HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


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