Friday, July 23, 2010

Washington DC

You cannot start any kind of trouble in a saloon full of drunks by saying something bad about Washington DC. You will only get universal cheers and perhaps a few free drinks. Nobody has any LOYALTY to Washington DC. Nobody will EVER defend Washington DC in a bar fight. You can walk into a bar and say "Kentucky can suck my COCK!!!" and at least ONE person will rise up out of his chair and amble on over to you and say "Y'all gut a problem with Kaintukky aiyisssshowell??" You go into a bar and say "Albuquerque can suck my fucking COCK!!!" and someone will rouse themselves from a drunken stupor over in the corner and shamble over to you in their Navajo blanket and say "White-eyes lie: now white-eyes die." Washington DC is not a State. Washington DC is not a PART of the United States. Washington DC is not a city within a State. Washungton DC is not a County or a town. It's a "district." Like District 9. Lie district 9 it's full of ugly aliens. But unlike the District 9 aliens they dont want to get away. They want to kill the 50 States. They been at it for 250 years and it looks like there's finally a President who knows clearly what the real job of Washington DC is, and he just might get that job done. One think negroes have a real good track record of in human history is wrecking the place and turning it into dust, where they then live comfortably for tens of thousands of years.


At July 26, 2010 at 12:25 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh I thought it was renamed NIGGERLAND! A place where intelligence wasn't much beyond nursery school. A place where the niggers congregate hoping to learn to speak the English language clearly after being here for hundreds of years.

Now that Onigger and his tribe, including his mother-in-law occupy the nigger hut they renamed Washington DC to NIGGERLAND!!! The land of the apes!!


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