Saturday, May 15, 2010

Solving The Mexican Problem

I made a suggestion on Facebook today that got an instant response of excited approval from all the bikers there. Since bikers are the only ones left from my original "friends" pool I can't say as yet if the agreement would extend to the other members of the human population, which would be the commie segment. I seem to have driven all the commies off of my "wall" or whatever the fuck it is that they call whatever Facebook is. I suggestd that I would be willing to completely reverse my stand on illegal aliens - which is that they should be rounded up and shot - and graciously permit them to remain and even become citizens if it could be agreed that all the cops in America would be sent to Mexico in their place. I would trade 30 million illegal Mexicans for whatever the cop population is here. let's say it's a million. Which is I hope high. 30 million come - one million go. The end. Problem solved. I would not fight with this. I would endorse this arrangement. Why? Because things would be so much better with the cops gone that no matter what the 30 million Mexicans did it would not compare, it would not even register on the Richter scale of Assholeness. The Mexicans could not possible steal more property from the normal people than the cops do. It just would not be possible. The Mexicans would cause less trouble to neighborhoods. The Mexicans would be earning a living and not living off the taxpayers except for their welfare frauds and their free medicine and hospitalization paid for by whitey. We could handle that later. With the cops in Mexico things would be so much safer and prosperous for all that there would be so much goodwill floating around whitey would probably let the Mexicans into the house even when they were at home. It's fucking brilliant.


At May 25, 2010 at 8:04 AM , Blogger Backwater said...

It is quite evident that you cannot "blend in" in a gray manner. Whats the old line? An itch ya' can't scratch?


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