Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Cleared For Takeoff" Oh Wait - Crash And Burn!!!

Some kid cleared a plane for takeoff at an airport. You could tell he was totally happy about it. And the pilot talked back to him like he was a real controller, ya know? Probably the best day in the life of that kid and the envy of any other kid who heard the tapes of the incident. Like, I mean, how fucking cool is that to be 9 and be talking to the pilot from the control tower and the pilot's talking back to you like you're a normal person, not a 9 year old. And the kid's dad - the real controller - was right there. So it was all pretty fucking great, even if you were an adult you were envying the kid the fun and coolness of the whole thing. It was one of those moments when, if you were that kid, you would be totally excited about growing up. WELL! you know, we do not live in a normal United States anymore where you can have fun and excitement and moments of happiness. We live in a Third World Sewer of ratty little assholes who swoop down on anyone enjoying life. So some little demon made sure the Parent Demons at the FAA - that's the federal department of fatass fucks who make sure American Aviation keeps going backward to the level of a Tanganyika airport of the 1930's with three DC 1's in the dirt, none of them having doors, and being operated by someone in jodphurs and a fucking pith helment and looking like Clark Gable and shouting at Jean Harlow in the driving rain. So the FAA pieces of useless, prehistoric shit are up in arms about this, and even the so called "real Americans at Fox" are all apeshit over this All-American Incident. Now: IF THIS KID HAD BEEN A FUCKING NIGGER OR A LITTLE MEXICAN PEON LAD FROM A DIRT VILLAGE IN GAWADDA LAFUKKING HADDA......why, that lad would now be sitting on the nigger-in-chief's lap in the press room and being hailed as a great up and coming genius of the minority persuasion and would have been given his own tax-purchased 747 to own and operate just as soon as the press conference was over. But alas it was some white kid and he is probably, along with his father, but in different States, going to GO TO PRISON!!!! YES!!!! And everyone - oh, including all the white people - are going to say "Serves them both right, endangering our national security in such a flagrant disregard for the safety and well being of the American Public." Meanwhile the fucking nigger that attempted to BLOW UP A PLANE FULL OF PEOPLE is going to likely be deported back to Iran or Niggerfuckhole, Somalia, wherever he came from, and be given a new fleet of Escalades to fill with dynamite and send rolling into a restaurant in Miami. After which the FAA and the nigger in chief will praise him as a god-loving holy man. Tell me we ain't in hell, fucker. Go ahead, tell me.


At March 4, 2010 at 8:25 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh no this ain't hell it's NIGGER HEAVEN!! I can see clearly now our fearless leader is leading us to the supreme glory land. We have a fucking nigger who failed in his attempt to blow up a plane with 275 passengers and was read his Miranda rights. He's going to receive a civilian trial and then be deported to his homeland. He's a nigger hero and our fucking MULATO a-hole is his number one fan!!

As I said this ain't hell this is NIGGER HEAVEN!!

At March 5, 2010 at 12:06 AM , Blogger jj solari said...

i thought nigger heaven was the upper seats in the tenth balcony of the movie theater.

At March 5, 2010 at 12:23 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cud be but tink dere's an outside chance where dem niggers ain't gonna up dere cuz dats where de boogeyman hangs out!! Dey afraid of him! NO NO NO! No heaven up dere just de boogeyman!!

At March 5, 2010 at 1:03 PM , Blogger jj solari said...

you can save a lot in electricity by lining your dark pathways with grinnin niggers. in fact we could get rid of light bulbs altogether. just put a grinnin nigger in every room!!


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