Sunday, July 12, 2015

Memphis City Council

   This is the Memphis City Council. Memphis is a city that is sometimes used as a dumping center for unemployable reetards. These are then trained for office-holding.
   This particular membership has decided, after long and thoughtful deliberation, to dig up the body of Nathan Bedford Forrest and move it to, probably, the nearest furnace and then release the ashes onto the city dump. The actual city dump. Not the city dump that is the City Hall of Memphis.
   It kind of makes you wonder why you have spent most of your life assuming the South was the bad guys in that war, don't it?
   Now, needless to say, and I don't live anywhere near Memphis, and now never will, but needless to say, looking at the above picture, you have to know it was the clump of niggers on that roster that came up with this idea and that it was the clump of white useless nigger-fearing faggots that went along with it even though their few remaining white cells in their heads were telling them in loud screaming voices, "There is something revolutionarily wrong with this idea." They went along with it anyway. Because God forbid anyone prevent a nigger from doing the next stupid thing on his lifelong agenda of stupidity.


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