Saturday, July 11, 2015

Latest Overland Letter To Trump

Dear Donald Trump;
   I hope you are the start of a Capitalist Revolution in this Country of whining socialist bastards. 
   You have your name on skyscrapers......when you enter the Strip in Las Vegas from the south your name is on a direct sightline at the far end of the Strip. It's like an announcement that you are entering a world of gold and steel and an America presided over by you. 
   You are the Last of the American Tycoons.
   There was a time in America, before it became a Marxist wasteland, that industrialists' names were the names on everyones' lips. Their "excessive profits" from their life-changing products and creations and industrial miracles were poured into philanthropic and engineering and architectural projects that dwarf today's governmental programs of slum-building and sidewalk maintenance and tree pruning and garbage collecting and the providing of Zero Services at our so-called National "Parks" which are actually death traps where bears are protected and deified and where the visitors paying for it all with their stolen taxes are endangered and vilified as interlopers.
   America now only knows career-bureaucrats as it's "builders." Career bureaucrats building chaos and depression and extortion that rivals Sharia Law for its devastation.
   You never apologize-on-demand. You never pretend that illegal invasions by foreigners who basically hate us is good for the Country.
   You are the Last American Individual. I would rather be defeated defending Trump than be victorious by defending that human wrecking ball  Barack Obama.
   Obama would bulldoze every Trump building on earth and erect tent-housing for Muslim refugees if he thought he had a window of opportunity to get it done.
    I would love to be a fly on the wall if you and Obama were alone in a room and he said to you, concerning your empire, "You didn't do that." I would love to see what was left when the dust settled.
What has that loafing charlatan ever done except create confusion and decay. Where are his buildings. Where is Obama Tower? It's inside his head and he's standing at the top of it waving the flag of Arab Spring.
   Bring to us the New Industrial Revolution. The Marxist revolution is nothing now but debris and squalor and universal global poverty. Bring back American Enterprise. Bring back the First World so that the third world poverty-stricken can at least have hope of hauling themselves out of the dusts of the veldt and the shorelines of the Amazon and the pestholes of the Ganges.
   God bless. Godspeed. And go get those duplicitous lying worthless lazyass sons of bitches. 

Sincerely yours, 

J.J. Solari 


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