Sunday, July 5, 2015

Solarianism: White Supremacism For The Thinking Man

   Solarianism is the exposited version of white supremacy that is actually accurate. I, JJ Solari, am the only known proprietary advocate and disseminator of Solarianism, and in fact this posting is it's first official tangible result. Eventually all white racists will be Solarians. It's inevitable. If you are white but are afraid to join a traditional white supremacist group and yet are frustrated by the Opposition's constant  journalistic attacks against you, Solarianism is here to rescue you. I know, I know, That's what L. Ron Hubbard says too, "Scientology is here to rescue you." The difference here is, he is in error. Whereas I am not. If Solarianism was an erroneous philosophy, or point of view, or  untestable theory, or religion, or political science, I would not be saying it was not. Did you follow that? Good. Perhaps what I am about to say will actually take.
   White people, as of today, July 5, 2015, in the United States, are under attack. By negroes, Mexicans, and other white people, all of them inhabiting American shores.
   White people - the sensible ones - desire to defend themselves but they don't know how. The reason being they have had their racial identity pummeled out of their brains.
   This started - at least in my own life - with the 4th grade geography books. I went to Catholic school in the 4th grade and if you are a Catholic from Boston, as I am, you would think the Church would have not had these sorts of books: they have other fish to fry. The problem is Catholic schools are run by the State.
   The geography books taught us American children about "our neighbors to the south."
   Like they're important.
   No, the important people to a 4th grader in a sane school would be the 4th grader himself, in this case a white American.
   But in an American school a white American is taught as being the villain of history.
   It begins with a trouncing of Christopher Columbus.
   It ends with a burning of the American flag, which on this date mentioned above, is the current sport of choice among inhabitants of America.
   Let's cut to the chase as we say in clicheville.
   White Christianity is the engine of human progress on this planet.
   This is not a debatable statement unless you are deranged, stupid, unemployable, a trouble-maker, a clown,  a journalist, a government employee, an elected official, a school teacher, a college student, or a welfare recipient.
   The Vikings - exclusively hailed by The Other white supremacists as being "the only white people" have contributed nothing to human progress.
   Now, I know there is a species of asshole who says "The Vikings discovered America!"
   One boatload of Vikings landed on what later became known as Fucking Labrador and not one thing changed because of it.
   Columbus landed in Fucking Cuban Guam in the Caribbean and human history has never been the same because of it.
   Why?...because Columbus was part of the White Christian Difference.
   The Vikings were part of the Great Viking No-Difference. They were just another pile of pagans living like caucasian Zulus, going around killing people for no reason, just for fun.
   Columbus wiped out an entire continent of people accidentally!
   Such is True White Power.

                                                   MORE ABOUT SKINHEADS, ETC.

   The species of "white supremacist" that are comprised of every other variety of white supremacists  than Solarians have attained legendary status in categories not usually considered legendary: lack of education; lack of attractiveness; lack of grooming; lack of factual data; lack of originality; lack of even a minor familiarity with their spiritual leader, Hitler; lack of strategy; lack of effectiveness, lack of vocabulary, lack of argumentative skills, lack of persuasional skills....and they excel in achieving the exact opposite of their intent. Only government operations exceed them in relentlessness in this final category.

   White supremacist of the "Hail Aryan" variety are particularly united in their petulant haughtyness toward Italians. Even though no one has ever heard of the Norwegian Renaissance. I am one of the few persons who actually have heard of it and it consisted of the discovery of a new kind of pastry mold, one made of metal rather than just pressing the dough against the starfish of one's anus. It also was not called the Norwegian Renaissance, it was just called "Vrlnartigen's Method."

   The Aryan Warlord variety of white supremacist also is convinced Wodin exists. He is also convinced Jesus does not. In fact the entire sphere of Christianity is every bit as disgusting and profane to him as it is to a Muslim. Why they think they are going to persuade recruits from White America and White Europe to behave like Muslims while not even offering the financial and monetary incentives that the muslim recruiters often me. Beats me why they think they can succeed at any of this.
   Wodin not only exists, the entire panoply of Germanic Valhallaism is as real to them as Darth Vader is to a Lou-ky, a George Lucas worshipper. Except the white supremacists don't dress up. Ever. In fact they dress down. They usually don't have shirts and if they do they are gay eurofag undershirts commonly called "wife-beaters." They often have tattoos, usually just for the sake of having tattoos, apparently to announce fierceness even though more women now have tattoos than do men.
   It is not known to me if the white supremacists of the non-Solarian variety are aware that the inhabitants of India and Pakistan are scientifically identified as "caucasians."
   Non Solarian white supremacists are invariably Nazis. They are not thought-out Nazis, that is to say they are far from anything you could call a Student Of National Socialism. No, they are mostly just freelance Jew haters. This is the extent of their Nazi-ism: detesting Jews. Hitler's versian of Nazi-ism was a good deal more complicated and more all-encompassing. The non-Solarian white supremacist just thinks getting rid of jews and neegrows and mexicans and italians will solve all the non-solarian Aryan's problems, even though he will still have himself to contend with and unlike all the other people he exterminated except for the negroes he will likely not have a job or even thinks he needs one. The reason they detest Jews, incidentally, is because someone told them they are required to. Reason enough, I would think, to go-along, if the consequences of not hating Jews would be to be turned down as an applicant to the Aryan Supremacy Juggernaut of Woden-cy and Valkyrie Membership Flight School and Floating Funeral Pyre Moments of Tribute and Farewell To The Fallen.
   Meanwhile these clowns are calling Galileo and Michaelangelo and DaVinci and Magellan and Marco Polo and Caesar  and Aristotle reetards.

   Their patent, out-and-out rejection of Christianity as the most potent force in human history is by far the supreme highpoint of the cone tapering to a sharp tip at the top of the Aryan Supremacist's head. This is so reprehensible a position for a white man to be taking that I find it almost impossible to not want to throw up into their mouths from sheer stomach-turning disgust. And yet Aryan Blowhards are never called-out on this. They are called-out on being ostensibly pro-"white man." Not for being anti-Christian.  So in other words, as far as I am concerned, their critics are every bit as disgusting as the people the critics are criticizing.
   Only I stand alone and apart and with fists on my hips and my cape flowing grandly in the bright rays of sunlight. I, the proprietor of Solarianism, the only form of white supremacism worth praising and worth absorbing and worth making a part of you; much as I would wish to make Jamie Pressly's vagina a part of my penis, at least for a few seconds, until the squirting stopped.




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