Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Non-Solarian Brand of White Supremacism

   White supremacists who are not me are usually even worse people than the bunches of people they claim they are superior to. As individuals they are usually not superior to anything at all, not other people, not other animals, not other bacteria, not inanimate ore samples. They have a particular animus toward Jews. If you ask them why that is you get a screaming, enraged "because they control everything!" These are the people, remember - these Jews -  who have spent the past 70 years trying to control a parcel of land the size of a Cheez-It in the middle of Nowhere and have not had a good night's sleep in the process, ever.
   This variety of white supremacist, in addition to having an individual membership comprised exclusively of people who have never ever read a novel not accompanied by graphics of hot cartoon girls drawn in Japan by Japanese...these people are always "Vikings." Yes. They are always Vikings. Their deity is Wotan. Or Wodin. Or Yarol. Or Ragnarok. I don't remember his name. I do know he is a Swede. Or a Dane. He stands up on top of a cloud and looks down from inside an iron helmet. He sings about the "purity of the blood." He has girlfriends in Valkyrie helmets who have blond pigtails and who weigh 150 pounds and upward. They are never cute. They may have been before the weight went on but there are no pictures of them from high school anywhere. If they are anything like their followers they never went to high school.
   Intellectually and ethically they are as devoid of "the Christian virtues" as Muslims and Black Panthers and Scientologists. The difference between these three groups being Scientologists have not yet announced a philosophy or plan of open violent warfare against non parishioners. On the plus side, non-Solarian white supremacists are completely disorganized and without any understanding of the real world and are the single target of governmental disruption. They have managed to make "white supremacy" into an expression that is reacted-to when heard with universal animosity coupled with a completely unsympathetic resolve to exterminate not only the expression but anyone saying it or writing it or thinking it or hinting at it or wearing it on a t-shirt.
   Another of their sterling accomplishments is to vehemently rail against the one unifying force that is the only thing that has held them together for 2000 years and kept them at the top of the dogpile heap of pathetic humanity: Christianity. White supremacists are violently anti Christian, even though most vikings, if they were alive today and plundering, would have a lot of sympatico for a guy who single-handedly defied the Global Church and the Global State and allowed himself to be executed so that he could rise from the dead rather than unleash the fury and forces of the Universe against Palestine and Rome. They would want to know more about such a being.
   Not so the modern Vikings of the Fresno and Talahassee trailer parks. Nope, to these splendid specimens of starvation and meth-sores Jesus Christ and his namby-pamby followers who have forged what is known as Human Progress, these wimps are troublesome impediments to the onward march of skinny, tattooed Valhalla-ists who by burning swastikas into their skins and chugalugging stolen beer are declaring Wodin as their father and the bloodline of Sven Bjorgvenclaven, who is the town biscuit-maker for Hansel and Gretel, as their warrior antecedent.
   Good job, white supremacists, you have really gathered for yourselves quite an army. An army of blundering clowns. Clowns in viking helmets who nobody likes, not even other white people. Now that is some spendid leadership and organizational genius right there. I smell long terms in either Congress or SingSing for you guys.

                For more thoughts on Solarianism, my exclusive version of white racism, please see a subsequent posting which may or may not yet exist as of this moment. Thank you.


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