Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ariana Grande Stupido Con Gleem

   Ariana Grande deposited some of her saliva onto some donuts in a bakery, donuts that had not yet been sold but soon would be, but not to her.....and she got caught. She not only got caught she got caught by a very expensive security camera that takes really good videos. Sharp. Clear. In color. First rate stuff. If she had an identical twin the camera was good enough that it would still be evident it was her and not the twin. While she was sliming the donuts with her - probably - semen-laced saliva she was doing double-duty as a fuckhead by ranting against "America." A country she announced that she hates. Because America serves donuts to people who want to buy them of their own free will. This bothers her. Contaminating strangers does not bother her at all, however. Obama will come to her rescue I predict because he sees in her a soul mate.


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