Friday, July 3, 2015

Hallucination of the Day - The North Korean Airport

   Business Insider is apparently a publication operating out of an insane asylum. What they are describing is nothing like what I am seeing. Also, have you ever noticed the most commie journalists always have a Z in their last name? Check it out, see if I'm not right.
    This article is very easy to read since it was apparently written by a five year old.
   To me, what I am seeing is the smallest, ugliest airport in the universe. W
What Mr or Mrs. Zhang is seeing is the Las Vegas Strip.
   "Disconnect" is a word used a lot in modern journalism. I would say that is what is going on here. There is a disconnect between the actual airport and the one being described. The pictures and the words accompanying them contradict each other. Apparently I am supposed to read the words, look at  the pictures and nod my head in agreement with the words. Even though they in no way are related to the pictures other than by a claim that they do. The claim is implied by the way. Making things even more vague.
   See for yourself. Read the words....and look at the pictures. The words describe something the pictures do not reveal. The words proclaim wonders and marvels. The pictures proclaim an airport that could handle less human traffic than a turnstile at the bottom of the sea.
    Maybe Mr. or Mrs. Zhang just didn't want to be shot to death with anti-aircraft ordnance.


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