Thursday, July 2, 2015

Am I A White Supremacist?

   The answer is yes. I will also define my terms, since everyone hates when I do that, because when I do, then I insist everyone else do it too, which they can't or won't or don't know how or some damn thing.

    I define white supremacist as someone who is convinced the "white race" is adapted to progressing while the other races are adapted to either, A: never progressing - such as the negro race or the aborigine races of North America,  or, B -  the other alternative, which is, adapted to mimicking; the "yellow" races being the prime examples, of imitating the race - the white race -  that is adapted to progressing. Following along, in other words. Like wolves followed early Man and became domesticated. So too the "following cultures" - usually "Asian" -  imitate and follow and learn from the white race and become pet-like and cute. And often also become independently entertaining in their own right without actually advancing. The Japanese being prime examples of this.
   While the "red" races and the black races do not advance, the red races at least do not impede the advancements of others, while the black races do. It is this particular anomaly that makes the black races "problematic."
   Islam also impedes progress, however they - Islamists -  do not do this instinctively, they need to be taught to do it by Mohammed. Who apparently was an excellent teacher.
   So there in a nutshell you have my racist views and beliefs and opinions! Thank you!


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