Monday, July 6, 2015

Batman vs Superman


 As you know, what with the movie coming out and all, every day I get hundreds and hundreds of overland letters from people asking me, "Jaybird?....what's the deal with Batman vs Superman. Ain't they supposed to be on the same team?..... Fighting evil and wearing amazing, flamboyant attire?"
   And the fact is, yes, this is true. However it's not at all odd that they might have a quarrel or two. In the ancient days of comic books, around the 50's or 60's when Batman and Superman would intersect briefly and have conversations, Batman always was of the opinion - which he had no problem informing Superman about - Batman was always of the opinion that Superman was a complete and total dunce. He would routinely chide the Soupster - and never in a good-natured way - about his - in Batman's opinion - moronic brainpower. The "all brawn, no brain" kind of thing. Superman never got mad about any of this. 'Cause, ya know, maybe he really was stupid. I mean temper tantrums just were more or less off the table with the guy. He seemed to regard Batman as someone who maybe actually knew something Superman didn't and maybe he should try and take it all in. I guess he never did because there never was an occasion when Batman would say anything like, "Well, I see I'm finally starting to get through."


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