Saturday, July 4, 2015


   The worst corporation is better than the best government. Corporations produce products. Governments produce slaves. Corporations have to entice you to buy. Governments force you to pay. Plus you get nothing for your money. With corporations they hand you an object. Very often the one you bought. Corporations have customer service. Governments have fines and imprisonment. For some reason Americans prefer government to  corporations. Probably because most americans are lazy. If you work for a corporation you have to actually do something called "job performance." If you work for a government you don't have to do anything except annoy people. Because they have to deal with you. You don't have to deal with a corporation. You can just switch channels.
   These are simple lessons and explanations but if you voice them people yell at you. That's why nobody voices them. But I'm an Italian. Getting yelled at does not bother Italians. Yelling is what we do.


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