Sunday, September 6, 2015

trump letter about trump

why people like trump

Dear Donald Trump,

     You recently said in an interview, you were talking about our "negotiators" in the iran mess, you said "There's something wrong with them."
     And this is why people like you: you attack job performance and basic intelligence and basic competence rather than ideologies and philosophies and traditions and customs. You realize that things are done by individuals. Not by theories and philosophies. Things are done by individuals. And you critique these assholes as assholes. You don't criticize them as "mistaken," or "on a different path" or via some other vague critique. You criticize them as dumbass worthless employees who don't know their asses from goat's asses, many of which goats' asses they likely stick their dicks in. In order to do this believably you have to actually be different from these schmucks: you have to be actually competent, actually intelligent, and not have your head up your ass, you have to know a worker from a fucking dogger, you have to know a good person from a bad one, you have to know who lies on their time cards and who doesn't, you have to know who steals from the workplace and who doesn't, you have to know who's busy only when the boss shows up and who's busy just because they're paid to actually do something whether or not the boss is there. And you're one of these people who know the difference between a loafer and a worker: you are a competent accomplisher of progress and success in the real world where things matter; not in the political world where only wishing and hoping and bullshitting matter. Thank you.


J.J. Solari 


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