Sunday, September 6, 2015

trump-brocaw letter

Dear Donald Trump,
 Well, I see tom Brokaw, who cannot pronounce the letter L proper-ry, says he would not show up for work if he had to cover your appearances and news-related events. Gee, if we had known that's what it took for him to get out of the news business we could have had you arrange to have him be on personal assignment to you 40 years ago, then we wouldnt have had to listen to his va-rient yet car-amitous attempts to speak. 

     Jesus anyway, who hires a fucking newscaster who sounds like he's vomiting up blood and dinner with every sy-rable. I guess NBC does. They're the ones still displaying a peacock as a logo to let everyone know they have some broadcasts in color. Like Bonanza. 

     Tom Brokaw doesn't have the intelligence God gave macaques, why does he think he would be even able to deal with your razzamatazz. He's about as listless as a fucking decorative toilet floor-rug.
He has the energy level of molybdenum. He has the originality of Thomas Kinkade. He wouldn't know a good idea if it had "good idea" written on it. And he's saying he would not show up to cover a news event with you in it? He about the only one who wouldn't, then, everyone else would be pushing to be first in line.

     I think what he is really saying here is he has no ambition. I thinks that's the garbled, marble-mouthed message here. that's he's worthless as an employee.

     Continue to give 'em hell.


J.J. Solari  



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