Sunday, August 23, 2015

to trump about jeb

 jeb " the black hand" bush

Dear Donald Trump,

     I seen that picture of Bush with the black hand, and your post that "He just can't get it right." And I mean that hits the nail on the head. He can't even strike a pose that looks intelligent, forget about him trying to delve into Photoshop. He's standing with a shirt a first-grader at a special-needs school wouldn't wear without getting pissed off. But Jeb?....he wears that shirt like they were made for each other.

     What the fuck is with all these candidates anyway, they go a-stumping in a shirt with the sleeves rolled up like as though they actually know what physical labor is. How the fuck hard is it to stand in one place and yammer? You really need to roll up your sleeves for that? 

      And Jeb, being the fucking clueless yokel that he is, he doesnt even have a white shirt on. I guess his mom knows he will have it filthy in two seconds.

     And am I the only one who has noticed that he's cross-eyed? And those mason-jar lenses on his spectacles don't do anything to reduce the cockeyed-thousand yard stare that bonehead manages to manifest and then call it "grinning." I mean, he looks stupid even for stupid. The School for Stupids wouldn't let him in. He'd accidentally injure everybody. 

     You gotta know he wears zipper-free trousers. There is no way he could push his dick aside and zip up his pants simultaneously. He would be spending his life doubled-over screaming in pain, flesh and metal locked in a hellish embrace of torment with Jeb making things even worse by trying to free the mess with violent jabs of a knife. He likely stays naked as much as possible. Just to avoid trips to the hospital.

J.J. Solari 



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