Sunday, August 23, 2015

Letter To Trump, Maher


                                                             bill maher

Dear Donald Trump,

     Bill Maher draggin' yer Ol' Ladies into this fray, I see.  Kinda like that Kenyan Muslim cross-dresser in the  white house saying about Sarah Palin, "You put lipstick on a pig it's still a pig." Democrats. They're like something out of the sewer. I mean I'm a garbage mouth but I don't say shit about peoples' wives and daughters and sweethearts. I mean, you gotta expect some very bad pushback when you do that.

     But ya know, that Bill?....why, he ain't afraid of God nor Jesus. Nope. Why he even says they don't exist. I guess he thinks you don't exist too.

     Ya know, it's too bad you're Irish and not Italian. I'm both so I know what they both do. The Irish?....they forget shit. You do something to them? time goes by they kinda lose track and they kinda get foggy about slights and they can at some point, after a few thousand drinks, can let something go.

     Italians? They ain't like that. 

     So, since you're likely to kind of lose track of what that idiotic atheist pain in the fucking ass said.....I will just kind of keep reminding you. Because I would really like to see you lay into this motherfucker. In the arena of gentlemanly reh-par-tay, of course. Enough gentlemanly reh-par-tay to where he fucking loses his job. Assuming he has one. If it wasnt for Yahoo News no one would ever know he even exists.

     Ya know, maybe God is fighting back after all. Rather than just smoting the fuck he has started to make him invisible. Come to think of it, if it wasnt for you being around for him to take potshots at he would be ignored. You're the only thing keeping him in the news. You should tell him that. Hahahaha.


J.J. Solari 


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