Sunday, September 6, 2015

trump-jabbar letter

Dear Donald Trump,

     The Muslim Negro basketball player who changed his name from a Christian one to an anti-Christian one and who  has a problem with you being President is strong evidence that the current popular theoretical assumption that black lives matter still has yet to be proven in the court of scientific testing, although it has been proven to some extent on the basketball court when it comes to counting-up the receipts. Cause black lives actually are good at running and jumping and taking things away from other people. And I guess fans will pay to see that in an arena that ensures they won't have things taken from them. At least while in the arena. On their way to their cars? Depends. Mainly on where the sun is. If it's overhead? Probly not a problem.

     Why a freak of nature, giant bamboo plant stick man  - who without the merciful blessing in his life of the American industry of professional basketball would be working as a pin spotter who could reset his own pins after each roll just by reaching forward - why this fortunate Basically Nothing Individual would claim to have any logical license to criticize one of the great American Free Enterprise builders under any circumstances much less this builder's ambition to run the defies belief. Lew Alcindor is not qualified to estimate the value and merits of used magazines much less Donald Trump.
     Thank you.


J.J. Solari


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