Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Jorge Ramos-Trump Letter

Dear Donald Trump,

     I think the Univision reporter who got thrown out of the room should apologize for saying he could not be thrown out of a room. I guess because he was a reporter. He had his facts wrong. And had them wrong during a videoed broadcast. This is a clear case of misleading the public. I would like to submit an apology for him that perhaps you could have someone pass on to him:

     "Dear my fellow anti-Americans; I earlier reported that I could not be thrown out of a room, after which I was promptly thrown out of a room. At the time I was convinced that I could not be thrown out of a room because my superiors had informed me prior to the event that 'Don't worry, you cannot be thrown out of a room.' I believed what I had been told and proclaimed that belief to the people who were throwing me out of the room. It turns out I had been lied to. A journalist is required to believe everything that he is told and I think I was upholding long-standing journalistic traditions by repeating what I had been told and repeating it accurately; I had, in fact, been told that I could not be thrown out of a room. Imagine my shock, imagine my despair at seeing myself and the room being increasingly distanced from each other. I had not been told that I could not be moved-about within the room, so until I was actually out of the room I was not too concerned. But then it slowly became apparent to me that  me and the room were now in two different locations. I eventually had to confront the glaring reality that I had in fact been thrown out of the room. Even though I am a journalist and believed what I had been told. 
     "I do not blame myself. I do not even blame the people who threw me out of the room. Which clearly actually happened. I blame my sources. My superiors lied to me. I do have to admit I never actually tested or properly researched the validity of their claim at the time. I should have suggested that someone should try and remove me from a room and thus test the hypothesis. I blame myself for this. But I was told this by a fellow journalist. You can understand my childlike faith in the truth of his utterance.
     Now that it has been demonstrated that I can in fact be thrown out of a room I hope in the future my comrades-in-journalism will learn to question what they are told and perhaps, if necessary, actually investigate the truth of things. This is a small first step and one that will be met with resistance. However I feel that ignoring this advice will only result in more journalists being thrown out of rooms. Something that until now we have probably all assumed was impossible." 

J.J. Solari


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