Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Trump Revolution Letter

                                                                                                                                            photo:jj solari
                                                   the nature of the trump revolution

Dear Donald Trump,
     You are the first candidate for President since the days of the Founding Fathers who can actually do something. The closest runner up would be Ronald Reagan and all he could do was read the words someone else wrote for him while he was being photogenic. How many "Reagan" buildings were ever erected? There were a few marquees with his name on them. But not too many skyscrapers.

     Look at the picture on the other page of this. It's a name towering between earth and sky. There is no other name in sight there is no other person in sight. There were a lot of people on the terrain covering the area between where I was and where the tops of those distant hills are. 
     None of their names are visible in this panorama. 
     Only one name is. Trump. And this building in the middle of the sky is not on fucking Easter Island or on the edge of some godforsaken tundra in Siberia. It's inside the three and a half mile strip of roadway that is visited by 40 million people a year. And they come from all over the planet. If there were people on Mars they'd becoming from there too.

     I have actually heard people say "Well, what has Trump done in politics?" Well, he hasn't done anything in politics. That's why everything is upsidedown and ass fucking backwards.

     "But he has no experience." Bubba Hussein Obama had none either and he's still lucky if he gets his name on a t-shirt, much less a building.

     Trump will usher in the the new beginnings of the virtues of capitalism in America, where people will make money instead of begging for it from the government. 

     And I for one feel fortunate to have lived to see it starting at last.


J.J. Solari


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