Saturday, August 15, 2015

Trump And George Will Letter

contains some snarky vulgarity

george will

Dear Donald Trump,

     I'm reading the latest load from George Will haranguing about you. Holy shit.  This fucker could have gotten Jesus to come down from the cross and then run-off toward the horizon with his fingers in his ears.

     It seems he has a real problem with you. You're not a "real" Republican and you're not a "real" Conservative. I would take that as a compliment since real republicans and real conservatives are basically democrats in slow motion. The're democrats who want a socialist State but not quite yet. The democrats want Marxism now. The republicans and conservatives want it maybe in a week or two: "Let's not rush this. Let's do it piecemeal."

     George Will has not one word to say regarding your suggestions for problem-solving on the Hannity interview. Not a word. Republicans and Conservatives don't know what to do with a solution to anything. If you solve a problem then they have no need to exist, since their sole existence is to say we have problems and that the Democrats can't solve them. They exist to rail against Democrats.That's the motivation of an extremely lazy person; to critique someone doing the same thing you're doing only they're doing it faster and better. 

     Then this  bowtie-wearing Trotskyite goes on a tear about how you are not the intellectual refinement known as William Buckley. William Buckley was a delusional, tick-infested, twitching, writhing morass of repression with a skin condition from not masturbating whose idea of a perfect world was a Catholic priest in every household taking notes on everyone's genitalia activity.

     If there is a girl dressing as a man, it's George Will. This pouting little mama's boy is actually the Voice of Conservatism. And Conservatives have no problem with this! I wouldn't have that calculating wolf as a watchdog in a cemetery. He'd dig up all the corpses and eat them and claim the Resurrection took place with God Himself ushering the faithful to the skies, whole and entire. Then he'd trot away, believed and admired.

     And don't even get me started on his talent for prose. He has the writing skills of a deceased horsefly in an abandoned barn. He writes like a little girl bitching in front of Mom that her brother ate all the ice cream. This is the intellectual conservatives are convinced is a sublime intellect.

     Fuck that douchebag ratsnest of drooling infection.

     Thank you.


J.J. Solari



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