Sunday, August 9, 2015

letter to trump


    contains extremely vulgar language when appropriate. which means probably throughout.

Dear Donald Trump,

     There's a reason Megyn Kelly's parents spelled her name with a g-y-n. They knew she was a cunt from the start. 
     What's with these fucking low-grade news-readers who are convinced they are the strike force for human decency and global liberty and the guardians of humanity? That cutesy bitch came out the gate like a fucking hyena prepared to drag a kill away from a lion. Two hours later you say she drips blood from her crotch and suddenly every dyke-souled bitch and every doucebag henpecked man in America suddenly runs to her defense? 
     Fuck those creeps. 
     And some "conservative" named Erick Erickson decides you can't talk at a fruitcake convention of confused almost-democrats?....which is all conservatives actually are: democrats in slow motion.

     It's time to quit dealing with these Republican fairies and start your own party. The fucking gauntlet is down, Republicans are hopelessly marooned in Massengill Land and they and their conservative fruitcake associates are not the people to take-on global monstrosities like the commies and the fucking goddamn muslim islamic koranic Death People.

     What does Erick Erickson think is gonna happen he runs to Megyn's defense, she's gonna give him a lap dance in the bathroom while he's sitting on the shitter taking a piss?

     And what's with Carly Fiorina suddenly getting involved? She just fucked up her chance of being Vice President.

     The Tippytoe Establishment has apparently decided that Megyn Semensniffer's eroded and rancid vagina is  more worth protecting than the United States of America. But I am not in that camp. And neither is anyone else with an IQ higher than a journalist's. Which is practically everybody.

     Patton said "Let the enemy worry about my flanks." You don't stop. You don't let up. You conquer. You win. When the fucking smoke clears everyone will be a lot better off. Fuck 'em. Thank you.


J.J. Solari  


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