Sunday, August 9, 2015

overland letter to trump - mark salter

Dear Donald Trump,

     I see some vagabond-faced Penn Jillette lookalike named Mark Salter has decided to toss some prose your way that is a bit bullshit-filled. I mean here's a guy writing all of John McCain's books for him and he's calling you a phony? At least you write your own books.

     I will say this for the unshaven slob, his prose and invective is a lot better than the juvenile writing skills of the uneducated assholes at Salon dot com, Yahoo, CNN, NBC, Business Week, the Huffington Post, the Beast and all the other news agencies. McCain had enough sense to realize that since he himself doesnt have the brains God gave macaques he needed to hire someone who does. And I guess that person with the brains God gave macaques was Mark Salter.


J.J. Solari


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