Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New Overland Letter To Trump

                                                                A Mexican Named El Crapo 

Dear Donald Trump;

     I'll give that escaped Mexican narcotics salesman this: he pretty much guaranteed your election by threatening you on the internet. Can you imagine the nerve of that fuck? Does he know he's a Mexican? In Mexico? A country that should have been bulldozed by Cortez 300 years ago? Like we need him or his fucking Country for anything. We can make our own tuberculosis. We don't need Mexico for that. Having our own tuberculosis more or less makes Mexico superfluous.

     Is he aware that there is no such thing as a brave Mexican? Is he aware he is all alone if this comes to a military showdown? That even if his country backs him up in his threats we could hire France to defeat them? Does El Crapo know this?

      We ought to go to war with that third world pile of contagion just based on El Crapo threatening you. Naturally El Crapo's jr-partners, Barack Obama and Eric Cockholder, are probably supplying him with weapons in an effort to encourage Senyore Crapo to actually get the job done. They pro'bly helped finance the tunnel. Neither one of them is worth a shit. Except maybe to El Crapo if he needs some new towel boys for his gay bath houses. 

     How does this donkey-humping homosexual get away with threatening an American Presidential candidate with murder? I'll tell you how: because Washington DC is now a Mexican and Muslim outpost. You know what the difference between  Muslims and  Mexicans is?.....Mexicans don't need a book written by a lunatic to tell them how to be savage murdering prehistoric barbarians. They come by it naturally. If it wasn't for Queen Isabella they would have no culture at all. As it is they have turned their one Western Asset - Catholicism - into a chicken-slaughtering Satanic bloodfest to make them bulletproof when heading-out on a widespread foray of decapitation.

     And now one of these Santaria pieces of shit is threatening you? Fuck that.

     On the plus side, like I say, this stupid Mexican asshole son of a bitch has just practically guaranteed you actually getting elected President.

     When you do become President I hope your first order of business will be to annex Mexico and then sell it to Pakistan for 20 cents. The Pakistanis will know what to do with the place. 

     Haha, they can't get a car started either. That's another thing Mexicans suck at. Getting their cars started. And they want to conquer America. HAHAHAHAHAHA.


J.J. Solari


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