Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New Overland Letter To Trump

Dear Donald Trump;

     I see the escaped Mexican dope peddler has decided in his best pigeon English to express his Muslim-level IQ and his Muslim-level life-goals to you via his Twitter account. At least US Magazine online seems to think he has. The US Magazine staff is likely one of his best customers so I can see why they would be loyal boosters of his comedy and communication prowess.

     Can you believe the nerve of that burro-fucker? He has more hubris than the goat-fucker in the white house. Donkey fuckers and goat fuckers. Mexicans and Muslims. That's what's rising to the top of the algae pond called earth these days. That's what's calling the shots on this planet: child-rapists from Persia and voodoo chicken butchers from Mexico. What's next, a Haitian zombie-worshipping Pope?

     May God help us all. Not that He'd want to. I wouldn't, if I was Him.


J.J. Solari


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