Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New Overland Letter To Trump

     Dear Donald Trump,
     I notice the Republicans have decided to finally close ranks on something: you. 

     They're not going to close ranks on the Democrats, they're not going to close ranks on Obama, they're not going to close ranks on Islam, they're not going to close ranks on Black Supremacy, they're not going to close ranks on Illegal Mexicans and Somalians and Pakistanis and the Klingons if they show up, nope, they are banding together to fight Donald Trump, the only perceived danger to America that they can see.
     I don't suppose I have to tell you, I'm sure you already know, that the only difference between the Democrats and the Republicans is that the Republicans are a bit lazier in their timeline to turn America into a Marxist shithole, while the Democrats are full of verve and energy and excitement about it and put in a longer day on the time-clock to bring it about. 
     However you do seem to have galvanized the lazy-ass Republicans out of their preferred lethargy in that they at least finally see an enemy somewhere: you. You are the danger. Obama's not the wrecking ball, you are. You're the danger to America, apparently. 
     Now, of course, when a Republican bureaucrat refers to "America," what America really means to him....is just him. Republican office holders are America to these primadonna assholes.
     Fortunately for you, handling the Republicans will be a lot easier than handling the Democrats because if you tell Republicans to shoo, they run off like feral cats, whereas the Democrats plop down in place onto their asses and start yelling and you have to hose them off with water - which they flee because they shun water, along with soap - and then you have to shovel-up their fecal matter which they deposited all over the sidewalk. So the Democrats are a bit more bothersome. But not much.
     Keep at it, Sir, you're losing the Republicans, but you're winning the Nation. And the Republicans don't matter. But the Nation does.

J.J. Solari 


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