Thursday, July 2, 2015

Ben Affleck

   I know nothing about Ben Affleck.  All I know about Ben Affleck is that when I hear his name or see his face all the life goes out of my body and soul. Supernatural forces then come into play from all over the ten dimensions to keep me alive until the exhaustion passes. This usually happens within 30 to sixty seconds. It could be compared perhaps to a dizzy spell although there is no dizziness to it. There is nothing to it, actually. It is like time stops and then after a while time begins again. There are no sensations of a negative kind that I can describe, it is more like I fall into a Zone of Zonelessness. There are no after effects. I guess if I really had to put it in human terms it is like a nap occurs. A kind of micro nap.
   I sometimes, not often, wonder if I have ever thought about Ben Affleck while driving.


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