Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Donald Trump

overland letter I just sent to Trump

Dear Donald Trump; ya know what?....fuck the Mexicans. They all hate us anyway. They hate gringos and always have. Mexico is the most worthless useless country on earth. They have good cigars, good tequila, good pot, good prostitutes, good coffee and good coke. When it comes to drugs and narcotics and renting-out their family members they cant be beat. As for anything else, they make the Pakistanis look downright brilliant and industrious. 
   As for NBC they might as well pack up and move to Persia or Red China, they're more protective of Islam and Marxism than even the Pope is. 
   So you've pissed off Mexico and NBC: I would call that a pretty good start. Yes i would.
   As for that beauty pageant? Frankly I'd rather watch a contest between cheerleading squads. Or pole dancers. So NBC might be doing you a favor in that regard.
   You wanna start something involving hot chicks?....start a womens' soccer league where they wear short-shorts for uniforms instead of huge floppy NBA drawers. That will get Mexico back on board: those third world shitholes love soccer. No equipment needed and you batter shit with your head. That's all a third world cranium is good for anyway, hitting things.
    You want to give Mexico something to actually bitch about? Threaten to blast a thermonuclear trench from the Rio Grande to Tierra del fucking Fuego and that will get those burro-handlers to shut the fuck up for a while. Certainly for the duration of your first term and possibly well-into your second.

   Keep at 'em, Trump, the USA's on your side. the USA that has legal residents in it, at least.,


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