Friday, January 24, 2014

Government Is Anarchy, pt 2

   I sometimes think there is a chain of command that has gone down through the ages, from Assyria and before to the present time when "the government entities" have systematically seduced the non governmental population, which would be everyone who was not one of "the government entities" into believing devoutly that government was necessary to their safety and well being even though government daily tormented them all, one way or another. But this would be far too gracious to the general population which i resolutely despise to a hearty degree. Methinks in reality that the general population likes government because it's evil, existing as it does, in the form of a parasite with the power not only to loot and drain the host but able actually order the host around and even demand it come close enough to be infected. Which the host immediately does. The Fondling Fathers could not install a parasitical government on the newly-free Americans fast enough to suit either themselves or the newly-free Americans. Not that the newly-free Americans were involved in the actual creation of the USA, don't get me wrong. But apparently they had no objections to it. the Fondling Fathers could have probably created a Babylonian government and the newly-free Americans would have cheered, so long as King George wasn't a part of it.


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