Thursday, January 9, 2014

What Christianity Actually Really Is

   The thing is, there aren't even supposed to be Christians. There are supposed to be Jews. Jesus came to the Jews. He did not come to the pagans or gentiles of heathens. But the Jews have an attitude problem. throughout their history God has offered and actually done it, he has met them 99% of the way, doing shit for them, saving their asses, putting on spectacular visual demonstrations, and the Jews keep saying "you need to come our way the additional 1%, God, because we deserve you full and complete subservience because we are better than you." This attitude culminated in the execution and rejection of this same God come into their midst as a human being to make the Overall God more real to them and to put God's nature into human terms so that people could see what God is really like on a level they could actually SEE: a fellow human.
   The Jews killed this dude.
   So Christianity got handed to the non Jews, the people the Jews detest the most: which wouyd be all non Jews.
   Now, because the gentiles were and are all heathen barbarians when they latched onto what the Jews threw away, they didnt get Actual Jesus. He was executed and allegedly gone from the earth. They got a shadow, muddled, sort of, kind of, idiotic, in the ballpark version of what the Jews were being offered by Jesus in the flesh. Being heathen idiot pagans they naturally fouled things up into a semi superstitious amalgam of crap. But here's the thing: even the fucked up version of what the Jews were supposed to get exclusively propelled the heathen bastards into the conquers and progress-makers of the earth. You would THINK the Jews would notice this. Well the HAVE and they are still not going to rethink their position on where God sits on the heirarchy of gods and jews. Which the Jews are convinced is a lower position from where they are, being "the chosen people" and all. They think God needs to save them no matter how fucked up they act because he SAID he would! So they are tempting God, in other words. Which is what Satan does. So the Jews are Satanic. But then who isn't. But the Jews don't even enjoy being Satanic like most Satanic people do. They just do it to tempt God: not to fuck with humanity like the other ones enjoy doing. Jews only go to war against God. Not other people. Unless it's on a one to one basis and in a courtroom, which is basically Satan's sandbox, not his main fighting arena.


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