Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Anti Constitution Progress Thus Far

   Thus far there has been no progress. In fact if anything I have lost ground. Since preaching the word about the evil nature and overall worthlessness of the Constitution not only have I not made even one convert, my Friendly Base of Redneck Americans has turned on me and now consider me the enemy. Fortunately for me I am quite comfortable holding court with myself and with me as the only sovereign and with me as the only supplicant. In other words I dont see why I should lie to everyone just to have them like me. Having fools for friends in the long run turns out to be dangerous because fools will lead you into danger and won't know how to extract you from it. They are in fact doing this to themselves with their continued blind devotion to a - in fact retarded and pontificating - essay-of-commands that is more full of itself with self righteousness than obama is. IN FACT……based on the nature of the Constitution it was inevitable that sooner or later Obama would show up to be the fulfillment of all the Consitution's promises, all of which pointed to the inevitable appearance of a dictator. And now that the First Actual Presidential Dictator has appeared - the two Roosevelts were pikers compared to this asshole in there now - now that an official bonifide dictator has taken the reins, assuming he ever leaves office, his replacement will memorize what Obama has done and take things to the next level, if there is a next level because never underestimate the ability of a tribal Pleistocene nigger to leave no area of tyranny unexplored and unexploited. They are the ones that started tribalism and they are the inspiration for the Constitution in the first place: which is basically a blueprint on how to create a tribe of savages. Which it has done. America is now a tribe of individuals who are convinced everyone else's stuff is theirs. This is Monkey Reasoning. It's what chimpanzees do. The Constitution created the first Chimpness-Directed blueprint for self-eradication. Good job, founding fathers. I am going to force myself to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it wasn't intentional: that they honestly just didn't know any better. Which, based on their fashion sense, was very likely.


At January 29, 2014 at 2:31 AM , OpenID amyirenewhite said...

you still ave at least 1 person in your redneck fan base. Keep on preachin', jayster..


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