Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Life On Facebok

   My life on facebook i suspect is a very different one from the other lives on facebook. For one thing entries are always fascinating and unique. They all have an originality to them that even I find quite startling. When I decided at the age of 30 that I was going to be a writer, I immediately started jotting things down. In notebooks at first and then onto many hundreds of business cards that i had discovered in the trash. The trash was my closest ally in those days. It was like a magical provider. One day it handed me a pair of almost clean dungarees on a morning that I had gone to a construction job in dress pants having been up all night drinking. The crew members who were riding in the same vehicle were only mildny astounded that i would change out of one pair - my own - and into another pair - the trashcan's - on the sidewalk just before plugging in the power cords but i didnt care. i almost never care what people think about me or about what i am doing. but i do notice that they do in fact have opinions about me that are very rigid and fixed. i try and make sure that they are the wrong ones. i succeed 90% of the time with 99% of the people. but then i am not making a 100% effort either, otherwise it would be higher.
   I use facebook now the way i used to use the business cards: as a warehouse of aphorisms, observations, clever sentences, pissed off remarks and anything else i personally judge as worthy of sharing. my facebook history will be the only relentlessly interesting and entertaining facebook history in facebook history. i will have no equal. you have to be asking "well what good will that do you." Well it wont do me any good at all. but you see, i am a river. it will do everyone else a lot of good. and then when i am dead i will bask in their accolades as they say "he gave this away and asked nothing in return." which will be only partly true. i asked nothing in return but that doesnt mean i wanted nothing in return. i wanted 300 million  dollars in return. but i got nothing other than praise. one day its pants from the trash the next day its praise from the world. of the two the pants item is actually a useful one.


At December 30, 2013 at 9:55 PM , Blogger amy irene white said...

i think my facebook is mildly interesting.


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