Thursday, January 23, 2014

Government Is Anarchy

   Pay attention.
   Throughout history, as if by some malevolent insistence from some other planet or sphere of existence, "government" has been touted as the opposite of anarchy. I say government and anarchy are identical. Or in other words, government is anarchy. Government routinely does as a matter of policy all the things that anarchy allegedly does: it creates chaos, it foments unhappiness, it takes everyone's stuff, it hauls people away and torments them in holding centers, it proclaims itself wondrous and pious and without blame or fault, it orders people around it does not know, it makes them do things, it disrupts their lives and well being, and it does all this in gleeful enthusiasm. Which is what anarchists are alleged to do: create mayhem amid peals of howling laughter and delight.
   How the people in government managed to convinced their victims - which would be all the people not in government - that all this chaos was not anarchy but order…..I don't know. I don't know how that has been accomplished throughout human history. I suspect it's because humans are perverted anomalies in complete violation of the Natural Order of things, either by natural - or unnatural - inclination or else by intentional choice. Just to be pricks, in other words. I don't have that answer. The answer I do have is that government is anarchy. Government is all the things it claims it prevents. I would proclaim this pronouncement as diabolical, and something only a lawyer could dream up. Turns out - at least in America - most office holders, and certainly all the Federal  esconsed-representatives - are bar-approved lawyers. Which would explain why Jesus cursed lawyers and not any other profession: because lawyers are the architects of governments throughout history. And Jesus and the State and certainly the Church are, all three of them, natural enemies. Although the State and the Church usually fight to a draw and hold power by mutual agreement or by mutual exasperation. Both the Church and the State however are allied against Jesus. Even though the Church would vehemently deny this amid all manner of bluster and "Excuse me?"'s. Just like the State does when you suggest to them that they are the authors of anarchy not the inhibitors of it. "(bluster bluster……..) Harrumph!….Preposterous!! Why I have devoted my ENTIRE LIFE to selfless service to the community and am the avowed enemy of lawlessness and chaos (harrumph bluster gasp looks of opprobrium forever into eternity.)"


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