Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Nelson Mandela Virus

   I had to go to one of those "family" things that you get involved with when you get married, you get inlaws and then you get the friends of the inlaws and when you are the only politically astute member of the herd it's a real battle not be beating the shit out of all of them when they start preaching communism which basically all Americans now do because that's all they know and all they ever heard of and all they have ever lived under. So anyway there was a lot of Nelson Niggdela talk about the fake signer and oh my how is it possible that on so great an occasion for so great a - whatever he was, monkey, chimp, gorilla - for so great a member of the animal kingdom, how could such an event be so sullied" blahblahblahblah like as though Nelson Mandela was actually anything other than a Marxist revolutionary who brought down a portion of Western Civilization and turned it into a nigger hellhole. There would have been no way for me to ever convince any of them that the fake signer was just someone they used all the time to make believe that they gave a shit about the deaf. They would as soon shoot the deaf as accommodate them because that's who dies first in a commie regime, the sick and infirmed because they are useless in a labor camp. There was no way I could have convinced anyone that what was was plainly obvious - that niggers don't give a shit about anything -….was plainly obvious. To them Nelson Mandela is a great man because the newspapers say he is a great man and shitty journalism on a first grade level is basically all any American adult is capable of taking-in without falling fast asleep in the process.


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