Friday, November 15, 2013

The Aging Rebel Site Returns

   After about a week of being knocked off the internet The Aging Rebel blog has returned. It is written by someone names Donald Charles Davis, a fellow who sometimes appears on High Dollar cable channels that do what they consider to be hard-hitting documentaries on "outlaw" motorcycle clubs. The History Channel, National Geographic - that level of broadcasting entities. He is not an "unbiased" reporter. He is a biased reporter. The only kind that is actually worth a crap if and when they make their biases crystal clear. Davis's biases seem crystal clear to me, the way I see it he is always going to give the "outlaws" the benefit of the doubt under all circumstances unless he is convinced they are in the wrong - and "wrong" needs to be heavily defined here because, speaking for myself, my definition of wrong is very far removed from the Law's definition of wrong in very very very very very many cases. The person of Don Davis is always very present in his journalism, as is the case with Jim Goad, another journalist I consider worth half a crap. As, say, opposed to Tom Brocaw or Charles Krauthammer or George Will and virtually anyone in the Major Media venues who has made a recognized name for himself via the Real News Public Relations Piece Of Shit Machine. He is the kind of writer that you are always quietly learning something as you read along. "Fairness" hits you square in the face over and over. He is like Fran Leibowitz but not as ugly. With the "major" journalists you know that if you got them into a room one on one they would not have a clue personally about anything they "report" on. They are what John Kobylt calls stenographers. Don Davis is a reporter.


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