Friday, January 10, 2014

2014's Main-Blog's Attention Update

    In 2014 this blog will continue because the nigger is still in office and he is the reason this blog exists at all: parenthetically I have another blog that exists only because Thomas Kinkade existed. He no longer exists. That blog can still be accessed but it is no longer added-to. I also have two additional blogs, but this is the one that started all this blogging crap. all because Caniggula became President. I found that way beyond unacceptable. I also have a blog about creating a New Las Vegas and a blog a blog about why the constitution is basically a pile of crap, a bill of goods, and a load of shit.
   Unlike the Kinkade blog, which is no longer being enlarged, this blog will be added-to because the nigger won the election in 2008, he is still in office and he is still not dead. Because he won the election in 2008 I had to vent. I had to fight back. My massive brain and the writing skills it has created are the only weapons I have against the nigger. You might ask "Why keep calling him nigger, Jay? You know that's offensive. At least to white people."
   Well, ya know, I guess that's why I keep using it. To break from the White Herd Instinct toward safety, risklessness, and douchebaggery. I guess that's why I keep doing it. So I say again: nigger. thank you. And thank you for taking my call.
   Returning to the topic at hand, in 2014 this blog will continue railing against the Constitution, almost now as a co-purpose to railing against the nigger. Sort of, you might say, in the same vein as Jesus' mom is now the co-redemptrix in the Catholic Church?…..the constitution is my second nigger.
   Talk about losing your fucking way: speaking of the Catholic Church. Damn. They are the champs.
   Regarding the constitution, so far all the right wingers I know of who have stumbled into my imprecations against the Constitution - which actually have their own blog now -  have been horrified. Because to a right wing republican slash conservative slash Christian slash hunter slash white slash baseball fan American citizen the Constitution is practically a deity. Which is an insult to all deities, even pagan ones. Druidic deities would take offense at the Constitution being held to the same high standards as they are purported to value. Whatever they might be. I don't know, I'm not a Druid.
   Me being me, I am of course monumentally indifferent to the imprecations from the Right. I know the Right to be a bit headstrong in their uneducateability. But someday one of them will breed a normal person. That normal person will read me. They will become understandably fascinated by me. they will come-across my critiques of the Constitution. They will fall down in adoration at my unflagging individuality and my ability to see through voodoo nonsense. Which is what the Constitution is: voodoo nonsense; rambling ridiculous pronouncements claiming to be actual occurrences and declaring you a party to its bogus majesty. Without ever - as with all things pertaining to the Constitution - asking you your permission first. And of course if it were to ask your permission you would likely be tempted to read it first, to see if this was a pretty good deal for you or not. And were you to read it you would either start laughing at the nerve of this person or get pissed at the nerve of this person. There is no way you would have anything to do with its mad ravings and its complete dissolving of your personal sovereignty in exchange for slavery under the Constitution.
   However, as the constitution gradually leaves this blog and ends up on its own blog, the existence of the nigger in chief will continue to be the main excuse for this Blog About Everything. I know you are intruigued by all of this and that is why I am mentioning it. Because I am a river of love and consideration.


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