Thursday, November 1, 2012

Today's Anti-Constitution Blog Thing

   The only difference between the Constitution and Sharia Law  is that the Constitution is more complicated and you personally can't enforce it. In Sharia anyone can kill someone if they mention Allah's name in the process or in the subsequent investigation, which is usually pretty informal. "Holy Mecca! have beheaded your whole family! Why??" "They insulted Allah." "Ah. Then Satan may have them. Come, let us go to the house of Muboola and fuck a goat together my friend! His goats are unequaled in seductive virtues!" "It is God's will." And that's the end of it. Under the Constitution a paid bureaucrat called a "cop" has to involve himself in the matter of you killing your family even though he never met your family, or ever met you for that matter. Sometimes ten or twenty cops are involved if you barricade your front door. This really pisses them off and they call in reinforcements and screw the overtime. Which the barricaded suspect is paying anyway so the cops see this as ironic justice.
   Sharia Law will be the proof that the Constitution is powerless and meaningless and nothing more than random arbitrary pronouncements and edicts and statements of unreality when Sharia Law takes its place. As it is starting to do. And the reason Sharia Law will take its place is because Sharia Law is a more powerful Constitution than the one dreamt up by the English fops who dreamt it up. They should have had Mohammed dream it up. He know what was what when it came to creating a Constitution. For one thing you make it male-friendly. Since women are completely incapable of defending themselves against men you already have a Constitution that cannot be overpowered by a rival's Constitution.
   Sharia Law takes paganism to a whole new level of paganistic ruin; it doesn't merely permit the foulest actions possible to a male human, it orders them to be committed. A feeble legalistic jumble of quackery made complicated to an OCD level of bewilderingly odd compulsory arbitraryness such as is the American Constitution will prove no match to the "majority" compared to Sharia Law:Sharia law allows men to fuck 8 year olds: girls AND boys WOO HOO!!! Forget about the orders to kill your wives and daughters, which is the dream of every serial murdering psychopath. Sharia Law creates a society of Hannibal Lecters. World Islam will make the stone age look like futuristic science fiction.  And men of all longitudes and latitudes will love every moment of it. Islam will be the closing of the human species in a millenia-long suicide of murder and reproduction. Islam will make the animal kingdom and the insect world and the universe of microbes appear noble and righteous and accomplished and godly and virtuous buy comparison. A bat flopping on the ground in the berserk throes of hydrophobia will be more human than the muslim who will walk the earth in 100 years.


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