Thursday, November 1, 2012

Disney Buys Lucas Episode 5

   You are not born in Boston and become a Mouseketeer in Los Angeles by accident. Someone other than you decides this will happen.
   Two of the advantages of being born of an Irish mother and an Italian father in Boston is that if you can tap dance better than a nigger - both groups take notice of you. The Irish because they think they invented tap dancing and having a half-breed italian doing Irish step dancing better than the Mick children...this creates a stir. some of it good. The Italians on the other hand think that the situation is hilarious. Italians detest the Irish. Italian men marry Irish girls in Boston the way nigger men hook up with blond chicks: its a sign to other niggers that they ARE THE MAN!!! The white chicks find this out soon enough after the hundredth beating or so and the wreckage of their social life and the torture brought upon their children by both sides of the unholy union. So when the word gets around that this Italian kid - if you have an Italian last name you are assumed to be an Italian by the Italians......if you are half Irish the Irish still consider you a nigger - so when word gets around that an Italian is taking Irish Step Dance lessons in south Boston and is doing it better than the Dohenys and the Mulcaheys and the Flahertys, the Italians think you are a good goombah, it's like you did them all a favor. I think you know where I am going with this. 
   To the Irish however, you are not doing them a favor, but this isn't Ireland, where the war is between Protestants and Catholics, this is Boston and both sides are Catholics. This puts an automatic lid on the level of violence. It ain't about God: it's about business. Still, the Irish, while they won't put a bomb into your window if you are an Italian, you don't necessarily have to be included into the "real world"of the people you are living with. Not unless you bow down first. Italians and Portuguese and Spaniards are Mississippi Niggers to a Boston Irishman. If you have an Italian last name you might as well have a Somalian last name.
   The Italian attitude toward the Irish is a lot different than the Irish attitude toward the Italians. To the Irish the Italians are considered not people. To the Italians the Irish are considered people but people so stupid Italians are convinced the only reason they were put on earth is to be punching bags for the wops. This is not braggartry on the Italians' part. This is just what is there. Italians - at least in the crime franchises - see the Irish as useful idiots. There is nothing personal in it. It's not an animosity born in the blood of bigotry or hatred or feelings of inferiority. It's just all that they see there. They see a dopey bunch of braggarts who have nothing actually solid to brag about.
   Having two disreputable American-immigrant cultures to go back and forth between, a child of these two cultures - if that child is me - observes and draws conclusions. I should say at the outset that even in infancy i never considered adults to be very on the ball as a species. I was, even in infancy, an observer of the species rather than a member. Now a psychologist would hang his head and feel sad at hearing all this. This is because psychologists are usually not very bolstered psychologically. They are usually either stupid, unstable, fearful, con artists, or evil. I, on the other hand, unlike the psychologist hanging his head in sadness, I just assumed that everything around me - if it wasn't coming to kill me - was something to observe and to try and understand why - if there was a reason - it was happening at all.   


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