Thursday, November 1, 2012

Storm Niggers

   NY is in disarray in the hard hit areas. Now the press is not noticing this, but I am and I dont even live there: it's a real good bet that the central cause of the problem is the nigger inability to cooperate. cooperation is a white thing. It is very likely that the niggers in the wreckage, being used to having everything done for them and now being left on their own...are reverting back into their natural savagery. They will eventually - if they don't get their way - start burning the place down. It's what they do when they get frustrated. They're like muslims. Watch. See if I am not right.
   This just in: Mayor Deadbrain has just announced that because of the storm there has not been a murder in NY in 3 days. I am not making this up. He is claiming the storm - which he is blaming on Bush - really - he is claiming the storm is doing some good. Wait until someone tells him he just said Bush is doing a good job. He will be VERY confused.


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