Thursday, November 1, 2012

Disney Buys Lucas Episode 4

   The proof of God's benevolence is that he never fucks with your sanity. Which He could do without a lot of pyrotechnics and thunder. He could make pomegranite juice ooze from the skin of a grapefruit on the breakfast table and the household would require straightjackets for a month and tranquilizers and a rubber room after that for life. God respects His own laws. He keeps them inviolate. Lucifer - on the other hand - lives to fuck up peoples' minds and heads and sense of solidity and convince them that he is the ruler of the Natural World and that if you play ball with him you can join with him in magical magic and be your own deity, transporting your inner whims into the Natural World and becoming your own god.
   What does this have to do with Disney Buys Lucas 4, you ask. Well, if you think that where I am going is that Disney Inc is aligned with the devil, that would be an incorrect conclusion. Disney is in alignment with something, but it is not with the devil. If I told you Disney Inc was aligned with Jesus you would start a laughing, mocking serenade of scoffing anger mixed with hysterical laughter. If I told you Disney Inc was aligned with Allah, there would be no Disney Inc because Allah and commercial success do not go hand in hand. The pest that is allah and his followers will be dealt with in the abrupt and sudden manner that it deserves. I would prefer a more drawn-out affair, killing them one at a time, and by me personally with a fifty caliber Garrett and an infinite supply of bullets. Grant me the lifespan and I will take the job. Alas this job is not imparted to me. My existence as a Valued does not include any notice of the Muslims and their deity at all, it is a separate existence. My existence as myself, however, focuses on little else. And in my non-Valued life i devote a lot of energy towards bringing closer the day of Islam's departure from the affairs of humanity on this planet.
   I seem to have run aground in my original discussion. Let me push-off again, my little rowboat, into the sea and get us back on course.
   As of this writing the news of the purchase of Lucasfilms by Disney Inc has gone-around far enough to where the reactions of people who don't matter - people not employed by Disney or Lucas - are making the newswires. Apparently the buzz is the Disney will "ruin" the "franchise." Star Wars is already a 6-episode cartoon. How can the Father of Cartoons Company ruin it? Star Wars has always been an unclaimed child of Walt Disney. The only difference between the Disney Star Wars and the Lucas Star Wars is that the Lucas Star Wars doesn't have Walt Disney's name on it. The purchase of Lucas by Disney merely rights this out-of-balance situation in the Force. All is now as it should be. Besides, the last three episodes of this cartoon involve the "remaking of the republic." Or to put in the language of earth history the last three episodes will be the creation of a new government to issue edicts and orders that must be obeyed or prison and confiscation of property will ensue. Even George Lucas can't make that interesting and he knows it. This was a completely shrewd move by someone who had written himself into a corner. If anyone can fix it the Pixar people can. Who Disney also owns.


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